Ambassador’s Congrat Speech

Congratulation Message of Honorable H.E Yuji Kumamaru
Ambassador of Japanese Embassy in the Kingdom of Cambodia
On chance of Awarding the decoration (The order of Rising Sun, gold Rays with Rosette) to
Mr. Kong Vorn
Head of the Board of Directors of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School
And as Director of Cambodia Education Assistance Fund
On 11 December 2014

Dear Mr. Kong Vorn, Head of the Board of Directors of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School and as Director of Cambodia Education Assistance Fund.

I would like hereby to express warm congratulation to the receipt of the medal as awarded by His Majesty, Emperor of Japan as the acknowledgement of your huge contribution and the achievements who efforts several years in promoting the relationship of friendship and cooperation between the Japan and Cambodia lapse.

Taking this meaning chance, I would like to inform Honorable, Madams, Ladies, Gentlemen and all the honorary guests who attended today’s event with the history and some of achievements of Mr. Kong Vorn.

Mr. Kong Vorn who is survived from the bitter regime, the Cambodia Democratic Regime, in 1981, he was the refugee from Cambodia with his family and initiated to live in Japan in name as the political refugee.

In 1990, Mr. Kong Vorn returned to Cambodia is his homeland where he left for almost 10 years. At that time, he saw the ruin of his homeland after the war and surprised with the situation of the educational domain to be eliminated. These aspects drove him to decide to create the Cambodia Education Assistance Fund in Japan and he also played role as director of the Fund(CEAF).

Since then, he used his best endeavor to seek for donors either private sector or institution throughout Japan and effort to collect the funds from all directions of Japan. Me used those funds to construct in total 04 schools including primary, middle and high schools in Prey Veng province and played main role to bring the definite assistance to Cambodia. Moreover, Mr. Kong Vorn, himself, also dedicated his personal budget to contribute to the survival of educational domain in Cambodia regardless his person interests. Thus, he has been admired and respect, love by the persons concerned including the educational institution and the people of Japan and some international.

Furthermore, Mr. Kong Vorn, is the founder of the construction of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High Schools initiated to create the Japanese language training in the level of middle and high school in Cambodia in 1999. The students who studied Japanese language in this middle and high school are having active activities in other fields in connection with Japan such as interpretation or working in the companies, institutions of Japanese etc, this regard, he contributed extremely in the bond of relationship between the people and the people, between the Japan and Cambodia.

Moreover, he himself, the experiences he passed through living in Japan for several years, he evaluated highly the educational system in Japan style and he also decided to bring about such Japan style education such as education and teaching measures for full time on daily basis, emerging the middle and high schools, computer instruction, morality education and giving the scholarship in other forms as the result, he trained and led such middle and high school to become the well-known middle and high school in Prey Veng province and contributed extremely in promoting the reputation of education in Japan style.

Furthermore, the effort in the cause of restoration of the educational domain in his homeland, if, however, currently, he is 77 years old, also he does not cease his duty. He always gives up his personal time on the weekends to check the general affairs and leads to explain and present the students and students of each school in Prey Veng province. Moreover, he is also giving up his mental and physical forces to promoting the exchange and awareness of each other between Japanese youth and Cambodian youth actively through the relationship and the channel he has.

Mr. Kong Vorn!
All honorary guests!

In these last years, the relationship between Japan and Cambodia not only the attendance in the level of exchange between the government and government or the official development assistance cooperation, including the rapid increase of investments from business companies of Japan, exchange of youth, cultural cooperation, in total, the relationship between the two countries toward better being in the fruity context.

In such situation, I do concretely hope that the persons concerned of the two countries Cambodia-Japan will continue the ideal of Mr. Kong Vorn who contributed to tie the bond of strong relationship of the educational domain and exchange the youth of the Japan and Cambodia and can contribute with me in bettering the future of the relationship between the two countries.

Finally, once again, I would like to express the deepest gratitude to the huge contribution of Mr. Kong Vorn to the relationship between the Japan and Cambodia so far to date and meantime, I would like to congratulate warmly from heart to the receipt of the medal as awarded by His Majesty, Emperor of Japan.

I would like to wish the best wishes to Mr. Kong Vonr, wife and the family of Mr. Kong Vorn, including all the honorary guests with full successes to all duties.


(Cheer welcome speech)
All the honorary guests, I would like to initiate the cheer to congratulate the receipt of the medal of Mr. Kong Vorn and wish the best wishes to Mr. Kong Vorn and the persons concerned with good health and full happiness and wish the bilateral relationship between the Japan and Cambodia becomes better growth forever.

Cheer altogether, Cheer!