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CEAF founded by
Mr. Kong Vorn

on 10 March 1993 in Yokohama City of Japan

After short time of establishment, there were many Cambodian expatriates living in Japan supported active the fund raising activity to help restore and reconstruct the education well after the unfortunate Cambodia suffered the lapse 02 decades of war.

001In 1998, CEAF executed the agreement with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to establish an educational institution at Ling village, Angkor Reach commune, Preah Sdach district, Prey Veng province. In 2001, CEAF, Japan NPO and many Japanese associations supported and executed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, representative to the Royal Government of Cambodia.

As the result, CEAF constructed 04 school buildings on its own account. Furthermore, due to the financial assistance of the Japanese Embassy (O.D.A Fund) in Phnom Penh, all levels of Khmer and Japanese nationals, as well as Japan NPO, CEAF was able to construct other 05 larger luxurious buildings.

The main factor caused me, KONG VORN, to create this Cambodia Education Assistance Fund whereas during 1991, saw the students at a primary school at the remote rural area in Preah Sdach district sat directly with the ground for their study and their classroom had not wall, the roof has not roofing tile and available only 10 tables and chairs. Therefore, it encouraged me KONG VORN could not scroll and see the children without school anymore, so that I started such activity without shyness and tiring. Moreover, such activity disconnected the relationship between I and the family from familiarity as ever.

This is to confirm that before CEAF was founded, I spent several months to explain my wife in order that I create this organization because she always raised many questions that whenever you are in shortage of finance occasionally, you dared not borrow someone, but whenever, you have money, and if someone borrows from you, you dared not to claim back, because you were afraid of someone’s anger, therefore, if to establish the humanity organization and the biggest objective is to raise fund to construct schools and help poor students to pursue their study well. My wife asked me further that do you dare to ask for one’s money, if you are very shy? I replied that I agreed to ask for money for the purpose that I won’t our compatriots to encounter suffering like I was young. I was very poor while I was less than 20 years old after leaving my motherland to Phnom Penh as the porter at the riverside, I had only a shorts, shirt and scarf while I was in Phnom Penh, this is the fact of my life. Afterward, I had major sufferings almost and I almost died, I was detained by the police for 09 days during 1963 that accused me that I worked for CIA. After the war started for one year in 1971, I was Viet Cong, Khmer Rough and NVA (North Vietnamese Army) detained in the bunker for 23 days. Afterward, the Khmer Rough tried to kill me at Phaav commune, Kampong Cham province, but I escaped on 10 May 1975. After that I imprisoned for 6 months due to I was accused that I worked for UPI and Kyodo News, as the brain seller to foreigners. Before killing me, I asked him that why do you want to kill me? I am not the soldier? I am the newspaperman, he replied that I am not afraid of soldier, but the newspaper mentions only one article can kill 1 million people.

Currently, Cambodia has not war, it is the time individuals must reunite with each other to construct our nation for prosperity, so that we, the member of CEAF either Japanese or Cambodia bought a parcel of land at Ling village, Angkor Reach commune, Preah Sdach district, Prey Veng Province, measuring 3.75 heactares and decided unanimously to start the construction of a Middle School named that Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle School to contribute to cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport together to manage such secondary institute with prestige and higher standard and has object to become this school to be the model school in Cambodia and committed with the parents and guardians of the students that will not charge the school fee even though a cent.

Due such Middle School is the State school, so, the management is better and has good discipline, acceptable teaching and learning, because the teachers taught until finishing the academic curriculum’s of the Ministry successfully, therefore, the students of Middle School passed severally with higher quality every year during the national examination.

The Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle School became the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle School since 2002, then, there were only 20 classrooms and the students increased every year. However, the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle School selected the students for schooling by taking test, also many candidates took exam and sometimes, the 6th graders were more than 800 students applied for examination because the 1th choice of the students in Preah Sdach district and Peam Chor district is Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle School, if he/her failed the examination, they studied at other Middle Schools.

The main cause to promote the parents of students and guardians of students wanted their children to study at this school, due to good management of students are never absent leave permission, the enhancement of good discipline and morality well, equity in providing the scholarship to students who graduated the general education class and the school founder gave the priority to the poorest student to study at the higher education or for him/her to become the government servant, specially, the doctor that his/her family never expected because they are poor and the farmers.

Large classrooms, good environment, including flower garden at almost all the school building and caused the Cambodia people at the remote rural area concentrated altogether that whenever, his/her children graduated their primary school, they will send their children to take test to study at the high school where initiated and created by the former assistant to Kyodo News and From Saga(CESS).

Difference from other schools, the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and high school has additional salary to Middle school teachers of 69USD, Deputy Director of 87USD and Director of 116USD, furthermore, the students who passed the high school with good credit, they will, the school board of director, management and teachers in charge, select and provide scholarship in line with their ability. For foreign languages, we can say that this is the first state school having Japanese language teaching curriculum since 1999. The Japanese language learners passed with good place and worked with salary not less than 1,000USD per month.

The students parents are very proud of after their children studied at Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High school are different from other schools that during teaching and learning times, generally, either state school or private schools, teach students for 2 shifts separately from each other, the learning morning shift of students, learning afternoon shift of students and our school, each students study either morning or afternoon and on punctuality basis. Moreover, teaching and training part time students to effort and cause the students to pass severally with higher quality. By 2014. the national exam nationwide was only 25.80% and the students of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High school passed 50% for the first time and 16% for the second time, it finds that our school passed either quantity or quality.

For the teachers and students who are active almost every year were the school selected to learn more about the Japan who is the economic developed nation. Moreover, the CEAF and Cambodia-Japan Friendship middle and high school cooperated and supported by Tokuchima Okara Kobo and helped fullu from Japanese Technical Cooperation. The JICA partnership under program for the establishment of school management model using product development by students in Cambodia-Japan Friendship middle and high school, technical cooperation for processing the local products to sell for profit and help specially the Cambodia-Japan Friendship middle and high school of Protheat and other schools in Prey Veng province to become the first model school in Cambodia.

The students who graduated the secondary general education at the  Cambodia-Japan Friendship middle and high school of 11 generations and the students who passed high school of 836 students, including 277 female students and the students obtained scholarship from the organization and the Japanese generous, 2005 to 2015, there were 264 students, including 97 female to pursue high education  in Phnom Penh and in some province. Now some students became the government servant working at the ministries, department of the Royal Government.

Outstanding students obtained the excellent rating, one students named Thai Tepy obtained the 1st place, the national outstanding students in mathematics obtained scholarship of Japanese government to pursue computer for 3 years in Japan, if he obtained good credit, he can continue 4th year and will obtain computer bachelor degree.

Starting from 1999, there are 4,271 students, 1,800 female students came to study at Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and high school, currently 1,452 students including 720 female students are learning general knowledge for all subjects either Japanese or English languages.

We, the workers of CEAF, worked for society for more than 20 years, but concentrated in helping construct school building to contribute to promoting the education to poor students at rural areas and encouraging teachers by seeking for finance to help more salary to them and provide scholarship to poor students enabled them to pursue their higher education.


img080For more details about Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School, my life during Cambodian civil war, and things I have done and given up for the sake of high quality education in Cambodia, you can find in my book “The Survival from the Killing Field”.

You can find its copies at Monument Bookstore in Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, Happy Day Restaurant, Cambodia Education Assistance Fund’s Office and Cambodia-Japan Middle and High School.

If you find my books sold at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and other places besides from the above mentioned, those are plagiarized.

I sincerely thank you for your supports.