Japan  has been and is one of the countries that help  Cambodia a lot in term of education system and continuously the Kuranone Project has  brought more buildings to Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School which is located in Ling Village, Angkor Reach Commune, Preah Sdach District, Prey Veng Province.

On 06 November, 2018, the Kusanone Project has granted an approval from His Excellency Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Mr. Horinnouchi Hidehisa, Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia to assist Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School which is located in Ling Village, Angkor Reach Commune, Preah Sdach District, Prey Veng Province. The new building consists of 7 rooms with the dimension of 9m by 56m and will be built with the materials from Thailand and China as well. This new construction means a lot to us because it has been so hard for us to find sponsors to help us because we are lacking of the classrooms for the incoming students at Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School and that the numbers of students at our school are increasing every year. More importantly, we are still facing financial problems with the additional salary for the teachers at our school in which middle school teachers need additional salary of 69$, for high school teachers the additional salary is 75$, for the vice principal is 87$ and for the principal is 116$. Kusanone Project is also known as Oversea Development Assistance, which is a leading project sponsored by Japanese government. The budget from Kusanone is used for school facilities, hospital, and other infrastructure.

I, Kong Vorn, the director of Cambodia Education Assistance Fund and initiator of Cambodia-Japan Middle and High School with Mr. On Rina who is currently the Director of CJai Ai Cambo-Japan Agency has also participated in the signing of the grant contract with me as the high officer from CEAF and CJFS.

Mr. On Rina and former students at CJFS and other students such as Mr. Khan Kosal, Mr. Keng Socheat, Mr. Sorn Prak, Mr. Chay Ratana as well as more than 300 scholarship students at CJFS have actively seeking for financial support from the Japanese donors in the aim improving and creating a better school like CJFS in Cambodia.

In 2015, one of my students name Yin Yuth has tried again and again to explain the importance of having classroom to the President of School Aid Japan to help built a 2 floor building with 10 classrooms for the students at CJFS which cost 160,000$ in total. In addition, Cambodia Education Support from Kuwai-juku has provided us with 600 chairs and tables which cost 12,000$ as well. At the same time, School Aid Japan has constructed another building at Prathet Middle and High School which is located in my birth place and the cost was 65,000$ which was requested by me.

Due to the fact that we are facing problems, for the past five years I have been trying very hard to call for sponsors and donors to help our school facilities and until then I met Mr. So Tanaka. After that there was a teacher from Tokushima Commercial High School name Suzuka Takeshi who was also interested in our school because he has been visiting our school for many times already. Thus, we decided to sign an MOU with each other in the purpose of exchange programs with students from Japan and from Cambodia. In addition, the MOU would make it lawful for Tokushima Commercial High School to assist CJFS when needed.

After the agreement was signed between Tokushima Commercial High School CEAF and CJFS on the behalf of the secretary of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports his Excellency Im Koch as well as the former Ambassador His Excellency Mr Hor Monirath to Japan and His Excellency Mr. Kumamaru Yuji, the event was successful thereafter.

Both parties have visited CJFS for many times and that first of all Tokushima Commercial High School and Tokushima Okara Kobo have brought computers to our school as well. In addition, Tokushima Commercial High School has been supporting the additional teachers’ salary to four of our teachers and the amount is 3000$ in total per year.

The result that CEAF would like to see is to have Center of Agricultural Product Development Education at CJFS and it has become a reality in 2016 with the help of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to build the center which cost and we have bought machine to make ice creams, cookies, breads, and machine to kill bacteria for the total of 200,000$.

On the other hand, the prices of these products have not been discussed yet and we hope that the center would benefit and provide some financial support to CJFS in the future. In addition, we have seen that it has been two years already that the center is behind schedule and I am also wondering about this issue too.

Last year, one of my students name Ouk Aing graduated from Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) and got the chance to work with Enomoto co; Ltd and he told the President of the company that he learned Japanese because of the help of Mr. Kong Vorn is the director of CEAF who have seek for scholarship from Japanese donors for him to study at IFL.

After hearing about this, Mr President wanted to meet Mr. Kong Vorn and the Head of Cambodia Education Support From Saga, Ms. Yukkiko Matsuo to discuss on the work that I do for my organization. He also was interested in the book that I wrote on the “SURVIVAL FROM THE KILLING FIELD”.

Mr. President of Enomoto co; Ltd came to Cambodia after his visit to Shanghai, a few of my students took him to CJFS for a visit. Then, after he came back from CJFS he asked me on how he could help the school. I told him that we would like to get a Volunteer House so that both the visitors and the volunteer teachers could stay while they are teaching.  I was thinking that we should built a 6 rooms building for 12 people but then Mr. President told  me that it was too small so we finalize to make a 10 rooms building with his help.


Therefore, the officers at CEAF and CJFS have decided to build a 10 room buildings and for the third floor we also planned to have a kitchen so that we could enjoy our meals there. Mr. Enomoto firstly supported us for 3,000,000 yens and the second time was 2,000,000 yens which totally equals to 44,740$. On the other hand, the President of Educational Institute of IC has helped for the amount of 10,000$ and his Excellency Hy Bavy with 3,000$ and with other Japanese donors and Cambodians which in total the cost of the house is 75,000$ and has been successfully built in September 2018. After the construction of the house, Mr. President Enomoto has also bought more materials such as shampoo, toothbrushes, refrigerator etc.


Moreover, he is interested in creating Agricultural Experiment Farm of Kong Vorn Friendship which the costs include fencing 2,500$, Escalator 5,000$, Escalator machine to pick up the soil for 10,800$, Plowing machine 5,250$, concrete layout 10,500$, dig the soil for canal for 1,000$, water storage 1,000$, grinding machines 11,000$, and buy the land for school 45,000$, and other materials used in teacher volunteer house such as air conditioners, computer, refrigerators, others house facilities. According to a staff that used to work for President Enomoto Nobuyuki, Enomoto co., Ltd, he informed me that besides donating the fund of 5,000,000 yen equal to 44,740 USD in building a Volunteers` House for volunteer teacher and guest who come to visit CJFS which I didn’t know how much it cost.   The unofficial estimation of the whole project is about 155,000$ in total.

The project is officially suspended because he is so busy with his work, so he cannot provide further help to Agricultural Experiment Farm of Kong Vorn Friendship.However, the president of Enomoto co, Ltd, the big factory of special steels and stainless steel at Fukuoka prefecture and Shanghai, wanted to give a car valued 12,300 USD to me, Kong Vorn. I am really appreciated his kindness toward me. But, I would say sorry to not accept this car from him to use in personally. I would like to put it as the property of School and CEAF because I want to see both school and CEAF are continuing running very smoothly producing high quality of Human Resource as other developed countries in the world.

On the behalf of the director of CEAF and CJFS, I would like to show our profound gratitude to Mr. President Enomoto for your tremendous help for our school and we are really grateful for what you have support us. We promise to take care of the materials that you have provided our school and our students recently.ឯកឧត្តម ហូរីណូអ៊ូជិ ហ៊ីដេហ៊ីសា ឯកអគ្គរាជទូតវិសាមញ្ញនិងពេញសមត្ថភាព នៃប្រទេសជប៉ុន ប្រចាំព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា