On 15 March, 2018 is my 81 years old birthday. Since I was turning to the age of 70s the management team of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School, especially the board of Cambodia Education Assistance Fund and all teachers celebrate birth day party for me every year.

Honestly, I don`t want to bother their valuable time to make this party for me because some teachers work 28 hours a week and I can feel that it is too much work for them, so it is better if they keep that day for relaxation.

However, most teachers and students are willing to make this party happen because they want to express their gratitude and thankfulness on my special day. Also, they put hands and wish for the god to take care of me and my wife to get longer life and stay healthy in order to complete all my humanitarian missions for the nation. More importantly, in the solidarity between me and all teachers could continue to help those students in CJFS to further their education.

Traditionally, Cambodian who are Buddhists usually conduct longevity ceremony with the blessing of the monks for good fortune.The head of Kandal pagoda was also invited to join the ceremony in Angkor Reach commune, Preah Sdach district in Prey Veng province. In addition, the vulnerable monk gave good advice to the teachers and students in that school. He also mentioned my achievement of working for 25 years with working for CEAF and CJFS.

The vulnerable monk also shared the importance of supporting and improving Cambodian education for sustainable development. It is like a Khmer proverb, “Illiteracy always lost the game”. I was very excited to hear the admiration speech from the monk to what I have done for my nation and it is beyond my expectation. At the same time, the monk raised up about all the efforts that I put in school and never want repay back besides just want to see all Cambodians can get education in order to make their family life better as well as to develop the country as a whole.

This ceremony was joined by the deputy bureau chief of Education Youths and Sports and an officer as well as the principal, deputy principals, and 50 teachers of CJFS donated their pocket money to organize the whole party. In addition, vulnerable monk also gave some money to me. More surprisingly, the students shared their money and brought some food and drinks to me.

On behalf of my family, I really appreciate and would like to thank to the vulnerable monk, all teachers and students. I wish you all the best and successful.


Kong Vorn