Dear National and International Donors,

I, Kong Vorn, the co-founder and initiator of Cambodia-Japan Friendship Middle and High School (CJFS) and also the founder of Cambodia Education Assistance Fund (CEAF), and all staffs of CEAF would like to make an appeal to all of you, especially Japanese donors, to financially contribute to build a guest house on CJFS campus.

Due to the lack of appropriate accommodation for foreign volunteers and visitors who come to CJFS, it is a major reason that urges all of us, the management team of CEAF, to ask for previous students’, their parents’, all levels of the people’s and your supports. Whether your supports are little, the accumulation of those littles will enable us to build this guest house that will allow 18 visitors to stay.

This guest house’s height is 12m. It size is 5m x 12m and it has 3 floors. Each floor consists of 3 rooms. The size of each room is 4m x 5m and its height is 2.85m.  In each room, there will 2 beds, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet. The size of the bathroom and the toilet is 1.30m x 2.45m. The estimated cost of construction of this whole building is about 48,000USD.

Nowadays, the CEAF board and staffs already have 41,000USD which have been received from some Japanese and Cambodian donors. We are still waiting for other 7,000USD to start working on this project.

On behalf of the founders, management team, and all staffs of CEAF, I strongly hope that national and international donors as well as the former students of CJFS will contribute on this project to make it happen soon.

P.S. In fact, we wanted to build a 2-floor guest house only. However, according to the donors’ suggestion to extend this guest house, we have decided to add one more floor over the previous plan. Therefore, the estimation of its cost also increases.

Phnom Penh, 9 November 2017

Co-Founder and Initiator of CJFS

Founder of CEAF

Kong Vorn

Mobile: 011 951 570